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Exclusive Events and Opportunities

The Hilltop Club is an exclusive NIL fundraising organization comprised of passionate USF alums, fans and supporters that sponsors year-round social events.

Funding Members and Club Members

Club members have the option to choose to become a funding member or classic member. Both provide annual memberships that include invitations to exclusive Events and opportunities to experience unique USF Athletics access.

USF student-athletes are entitled to monetize their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). The Hilltop Club is the official NIL partner of USF Basketball and USF Athletics.

Funding Members

Funding members are larger contributors that seek to underwrite the mission of The Hilltop Club and ensure its success. Funding members contribute $25k+/year and are provided with visibility into the business operations of The Hilltop Club. Funding partners that participate at the $100k+/year level are invited to join our formal advisory board. We are grateful for and dependant-upon the generosity and support of our funding members. 

If you’re interested in supporting The Hilltop Club at a funding member level, please reach out to Ryan Oppelt at

Club Members


Gold Member Benefits +

  • THC Custom Varsity Jacket ($800 value)
  • Invite to THC Private Dinner with Coaches and Players
  • Curated Student-Athlete NIL Experience

$10,000 + Contribution


Silver Member Benefits +

  • THC Exclusive Nike “SF Dons” Zip
  • Two (2)¬†Additional Tip-Off Event Tickets (4 total)

$5,000 + Contribution


Bronze Member Benefits +

  • Two Tip-Off Event Tickets

$2,500 + Contribution


  • THC Exclusive “SF Dons” Cap
  • Invitations to Future THC Events

$1,000 + Contribution


The Hilltop Club strives to partner with USF alumni-owned and connected businesses, as well as other local and national brands through innovative NIL partnerships.

  • NIL Business Partnership Consultation
  • Traditional / social media assets + student-athlete partnerships
  • THC Benefits Consistent with Individual Membership Levels

$5,000 + Contribution

One Time Contribution

Want to support the Hilltop Club’s NIL initiatives with a one-time or recurring contribution? Click below to contribute today!